Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Double Crane Myanmar Goes Operational Marking Yet Another Milestone in Market Expansion

Venue:No.16 Sint Oo Tan Street (Lower Block), Ground Floor Latha Township,
Yangon, Myanmar.

Double Crane (Myanmar) Co., Ltd. has officially gone operational on 13th July. Marking yet another important milestone in the latest market expansion venture undertaken by Shuang Hor Malaysia as the regional headquarter, this also points to a more robust growth of Shuang Hor Business in the South-east Asia region.
On this auspicious day, apart from Taiwan Gold Diamond Lin Shen Chang and Regional General Manager Foo Kok Wah making a special trip to grace the official opening, a group of senior distributors and leaders from Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia also joined them to witness the moment in which Shuang Hor turned to a new chapter in its dynamic business development programme.

Opening Preview & Products Presentation
An Overwhelming Occasion Attended by an Audience of Full Capacity

In conjunction with its official opening, Double Crane Myanmar also held two separate sessions of Opening Preview & Products Presentation on 13th and 15th July in Yangon and Mandalay respectively. During the Products Presentation, Taiwan Gold Diamond Lin Shen Chang reiterated that the setting up of the Myanmar branch was Shuang Hor’s latest move in honouring its pledge, adding that he was deeply touched by the characters of diligence and passionate disposition shown by the people of Myanmar. He went on to stress that Shuang Hor took pride in its comprehensive range of products of supreme quality, in particular the Lingzhi formulations for their market leader status attributed to the cutting edge R & D programme of Shuang Hor, noting that this would certainly serve as the sturdy backing for distributors in Myanmar to jumpstart and build their Shuang Hor Business.
During both occasions, Shuang Hor Regional General Manager Foo Kok Wah drove home the message when he said: “As an international MLM company, Double Crane has since its incorporation in 1987 in Taiwan set up as many as 8 overseas branches over the last 20 years. With Shuang Hor Malaysia operating as the regional headquarter, Myanmar has been targeted as the latest emerging market in the ASEAN region following the blueprint of its 4 neighbours, namely Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and Indonesia. Together, they constitute an enormous market supported by an aggregate population of a whopping 340 million to be tapped by us all.

Myanmar Distributors Brimming with Confidence in Shuang Hor Business


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